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The Solution to the Fundraising Frenzy

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The Solution to the Fundraising Frenzy

We’ve all bought into it, sold it and most of us have even eaten it. If you’re thinking of the outrageous fundraising products out there then you’ve hit the nail on the head. With the financial state most Americans are currently in fundraising has taken a little bit of a hit, meaning there is a large market with few people to invest in it. The competition for money is only increasing as more schools, clubs, and athletic programs continue to grow. With this people are pushing the same old things and not getting as much of a financial response as they’ve desired. So what is the solution? How do we raise money efficiently without selling products that nobody wants or needs? The answer is simple, online fundraising.

It seems obvious, right? In the technological world, we are in today that more people would be turning to this outlet for raising money. I believe the problem is people not knowing how to go about doing this. Every school would need something already prepared for them online that would allow them to simply advertise the site. Another issue is finding useful things to sell on a website that would not make you consume thousands of calories or have to have a special place in the garage just for wrapping paper. While looking into this problem and attending PTA conventions I came to find a fundraiser that has the right idea. It’s called which is an online fundraising company that sells items such as eBooks, games (fun and educational), gift cards, and software. With every purchase of every item, a percentage of that will go straight to the school you choose. Yes, I said “ the school you choose” because not only does this fundraiser give a good percentage back to the school it also has every school in its database and allows you to choose what school you would like your purchase to contribute to. So for those of you who have kids in different schools, this is an easy solution to keeping everyone happy. Since this is a solely online-based company it also gives your child the advantage of collecting funds for their school from all over the US. If they have an Aunt in Los Angeles and Grandparents in Detroit they can all contribute by purchasing

any item from the online market and the funds will go directly to the child’s school.

Among other advantages is the fact that this site has no time limit for fundraising. It’s always up and open for business at any time on any day so the fundraising doesn’t stop. You get rid of that, “Mom, I only have a week to sell as much as I can!” So the pressures of door-to-door fundraising will disappear as well as the stress moms nationwide experience at least once a year. This company also offers a little piece of mind to those who have heard horror stories about children doing door-to-door fundraising because they no longer have to knock on hundreds of doors asking for money, but simply promote the website through things such as the school website, social networking sites, banners, flyers, or even business cards. Last but certainly not least, after browsing the site I came to realize that not all the products were focused on a certain group of people, but that there was something for everyone, including that Aunt in LA and those Grandparents in Detroit. I found this to be refreshing in the fundraising world because a majority of the time there isn’t something for everyone, which is surprising since there always asking many different people for their money. People don’t want to invest in something that won’t benefit them to some degree and this site does for all people of all ages.

In the past decade of looking into fundraising and theorizing about how to make it better, I’m surprised this is the first time I have come across something as efficient and easy as It has the potential to revolutionize the fundraising world and change the way we all raise money. If by the end of this article, you have not had the interest to visit the site I guarantee you’re missing out on a great opportunity for not only the schools and programs around you but for you yourself. By reading this you are someone interested in fundraising so whether you want to do it for your own program, your child’s school, or your athletic program you will be pleasantly surprised with how efficient and easy this fundraising site really is. And you’ll ask yourself, “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?”

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